Wednesday 12th March 2003


According to Destination Software at least. Full details inside

15:04 Rumours started springing up on various Internet sites about Grand Theft Auto 3 on GBA early last year. Destination Software originally had first dibs on it, but then confusion, as we revealed the now-defunct Crawfish was working on a GBA GTA title. But Destination stood firm at the time, and today reconfirmed its intention to publish the game this year.

GTA3 has been the subject of so many 'is she, or isn't she' stories, so we decided to check it out for ourselves and rang Destinations Software in New Jersey. We spoke to the main man Bruce Kain who was a little reticent.

We asked him, if the GBA Grand Theft Auto 3 is coming out in March, which is the month stated on current release schedules. Bruce replied, "I can't talk about it." Oh go on, we pushed, is it March? "No, but it is definitely coming out towards the end of the year."

So, short and to the point, but it answered our question - GTA 3 on GBA isn't canned and it's still due for release this year.

Fortunately, we interviewed Bruce last May, so if you want more details on Destination's version,check it out here Rockstar remained unanvailable for comment at the time of writing.