Tuesday 5th November 2002


Contrary to reports flying around the web, Destination software refutes claims that work has been halted on a handheld version of Rockstar's stunning action title

17:36 In develop for months, neither hide nor hare has been seen of Destination Software's GBA conversion of the stunning Grand Theft Auto 3, sparking intense speculation over the status of the project.

Now several sites are reporting that the game has been canned, without citing any reason for this. But earlier today when we contacted the developer for comment, a spokesperson, when asked if this was the case, stated categorically: "The game has not been canned. We'll be making an announcement at the end of the week."

The spokesperson refused to elaborate further on this point. It's unclear what we can expect from the announcement, but it now seems certain that a new Grand Theft Auto title is in the works for GBA. Perhaps a reworked version of Vice City? Possibly.

Either way, we'll know for sure later this week. Stay tuned for the full scoop soon.