Friday 8th November 2002


UK development powerhouse Crawfish works on the project while Destination and Take-Two fight over the rights

18:24 We can exclusively reveal that UK developer Crawfish is working on a Grand Theft Auto title for GBA. Sources close to the project have revealed that the title is well into development and is expected to release sometime next year.
Grand Theft Auto 3 was originally in development by Destination Software in the US, but for reasons as yet unclear, the project moved over to Crawfish.

Earlier in the week, we contacted Destination to find out what the status of GTA3 on GBA was and a spokesperson told us: "The game has not been canned. We'll be making an announcement at the end of the week."

No announcement has been made as yet, but in light of the news that Crawfish is developing a GTA game for GBA, it's thought Take Two and Destination are locked in talks over distribution.

When we contacted Crawfish and Take Two today, both would only offer a "no comment" on the matter. How the game will fit into the Grand Theft Auto universe is unclear, but sources have told us that the game is in fact an original title that isn't based specifically on any one of the GTA series.

This is fantastic news for GBA owners and with the mighty Crawfish at the helm, we can expect great things from the title. We'll keep you posted on all developments. Remember where you heard it first.