August 5th, 2003
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Dave Murphy Gives Excusive Information On GTA3 for GBA

Former Crawfish game designer Dave Murphy revealed some of the most informative information concerning the Crawfish version of Grand Theft Auto for the GBA.

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From: Dave Murphy | Posted: 8/5/2003 3:49:29 AM

I can confirm that those shots are real, but you won't be seeing that version of the game ever.
As I have tried many times to tell the people on this board I worked for Crawfish and I was the designer on our version of GTA3.
The company went bankrupt and the staff working on GTA3 were taken on by Climax to finish the game. Then Rockstar canned the game and I got made redundant again.
Now someone else is making an entirely different version so it wont be out for a while.

Humorous fact: The transvestite character was created from a photo of the producer of the game. Many of the characters were based on other members of staff, including me.

If you don't believe me, check my board user level.

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From: Dave Murphy | Posted: 8/5/2003 7:33:56 AM | Message Detail

I don't know anything about the other versions. There was one before ours that also got canned, and the only thing I know about the one currently in development is that it's being made by some company in the states.

My version was set a few months before the events of GTA3 and featured a mix of old characters from the PS2/PC version and new ones based on my colleagues. It had a lot of the elements of the original including vehicle missions, hidden packages and unique stunts. I wish I could have finished it.

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From: Dave Murphy | Posted: 8/5/2003 8:04:19 AM | Message Detail
I only just realized that there are more screens. The guy on the right in screenshot 2 is me.

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From: Dave Murphy | Posted: 8/7/2003 7:38:34 AM | Message Detail

I don't think there's anything stopping me from revealing any details. But I'm a bit busy with my current job at the moment (I now work on PS2 at Picturehouse Software) but I will try and post a bit of information now and again.

The main character wasn't the same as the PS2 but he looked kind of similar. He is taken on by the mafia at the beginning of the game, like the original, but stays working for them throughout, as he chases a mafia deserter and a case full of money from the Callahan bridge to the Cedar Ridge Observatory.

As for new vehicles: A Mini, a Monster truck and a secret F1 racing car. I wanted to put a jump jet in but they didn't think it was appropriate :(

I only included two new weapons: Katana and Minigun. I added these to the design before a really saw anything on Vice City so I was kinda disappointed to see they were already in that.

Don't forget though, this game will never see the light of day, so me telling you this is somewhat pointless.

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From: Dave Murphy | Posted: 8/13/2003 2:59:32 PM | Message Detail

Don't worry, I'll keep posting answers to your questions when I have the time.

Yes multiplayer was planned but we probably wouldn't have got it in there, with the time the project running over.

We decided on four different modes:

Liberty City Survivor: Standard death match similar to GTA 1&2 on PC
City Circuit: Racing on pre-set routes round the three islands.
Car Jack Crazy: Players race to collect a list of vehicles and return them to their garage.
Special delivery: All players fight over a package which must be taken to their base.

As for the controls, I've just pasted the interface section straight out of my design.
However these weren't necessarily final. There may have been some minor changes before the final version.


GTA Advance uses a rotational control method (as opposed to directional); this makes shooting enemies a lot easier, when they are attacking all around the player.
When in a vehicle a button will be used for accelerate (instead of up on D-pad) making it easier to steer.

Controls (on foot)

D-pad Rotate, move forward/back
A Sprint
B Punch/fire weapon
L Enter vehicle
R Jump
L+R Strafe Lock
Select Change weapon
Start Pause/Menu

Controls (In Vehicle)

D-pad Steer car
A Accelerate
B Brake/Reverse
L+R Fire weapon
L Exit vehicle
R Hand Brake
Hold Select + press R Change Weapon
Select Horn/Sirens
Hold Select + press L Begin/cancel Vehicle mission
Start Pause/Menu

The pause menu will include the alternative weapon select and the radio station select (While in vehicle).

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From: Dave Murphy | Posted: 8/27/2003 5:32:33 AM | Message Detail

Sorry for the delay (Been very busy/lazy) but here are some answers to AR's questions.

1. I did some work on both Ecks vs Sever games (I should be in the credits if you look under QA). However it was only some multiplayer testing. I did start designing levels for the first game but I never finished any as I was concentrating on other projects (SFA3U).

2. I had always intended on making GTA in the original 2D style because I knew that we wouldn't be able to get it looking very good in 3D. Of course the buildings, trees, fences and pretty much all other pieces of scenery were 3D. I would have liked to make the cars 3D as it would make stunts and rolling look a lot more realistic but we didn't have time and I hoped we would be able to do something like that for a sequel.

3. Sorry but I know absolutely nothing about the version currently in development. I went for an interview at Rockstar London (Before I got a job at Picturehouse) and was told that a US developer had already started on a new version, but that's all they said.

4. I don't actually have any ROMs of the game. I don't know how this happened as I thought I got almost all my work, off my Crawfish PC, and put it onto CD but I can't find GTA anywhere. I have everything else, including my design, the maps, and portraits of all the characters. I will eventually pick up a ROM from someone, I now work with one of my old colleagues from Crawfish and he tells me he has an older version but it's burnt on a cart so I can't copy it.
I don't think it will be long before the ROM ends up on the net though, enough people must have it and someone already let those screens out.

If you want another quality Crawfish title, get Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper. The best game I ever worked on.

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