Wednesday 12th March 2003

"Handheld Grand Theft Auto 3 canned"

[04/11/2002: 15:28]
Following months of delays, the GBA version of GTA3 has finally been cancelled

As anticipation continues to mount for this Friday's release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PS2, news reaches us that the long-delayed GBA version of GTA3 has finally had the plug pulled on it.

Having spent an age in development by Destination Software - it was originally expected to be released late last year - it looks like they've at last given up on it.

Following months of rumours, reported production problems, having the release date constantly pushed back and, tellingly, a distinct lack of preview code or screenshots, it now joins the likes of the GBC version of Resident Evil in handheld heaven.

While no official reason has been given for the cancellation of the game, attempting to create a miniature version of the PS2 game must have been a nightmare.

Although the top-down GTA2 was ideally suited to a handheld conversion, the 3D GTA3 was obviously far more problematic. Indeed, you need only take one look at the atrocious GBA version of Driver 2 as evidence of why free-roaming 3D drive-'em-ups and GBA perhaps just don't mix...