March 20, 2003

"GTA3 di nuovo in ballo" (... Crawfish Revived)

giovedì 20 marzo 2003 - Sembra che la crawfish abbia intenzione di riprendere il progetto di GTA3, la fonte e IGN, potete trovare il testo originale nel testo completo di questa news.
non si ha ancora una data di uscita ufficiale, ma dovrebbe essere sicuramente entro il termine del 2003
[Fonte: IGN]

Crawfish Revived

Sort of. Climax strengthens its handheld division with the strength of the studio.

March 18, 2003 - European game studio Climax made the announcement today that it has created a new handheld development team, hiring on key people from the now defunct Crawfish Interactive.
Cameron Sheppard, Crawfish's founder and managing director, will now assume the role of Climax's handheld division's managing director. Mike Merrin, another Crawfish alumni, will join Climax as the handheld team's creative director. The two will work with other previous members of Crawfish on two high-profile GBA products, with more hopefully on the way. The team also anticipates creating games for Nokia's N-Gage system.

'We're delighted to have Cameron, Mike and the best people from Crawfish onboard,' stated Karl Jeffery, CEO of Climax. 'Crawfish's unfortunate demise has enabled us to strengthen our handheld division with some exceptionally talented individuals who will add enormously to our existing team. And with such an exceptionally gifted team in place, we're now in a position to expand our handheld development program.'

Crawfish had been reported to be working on the Game Boy Advance version of Grand Theft Auto 3 for Take 2 and Destination Software before they closed shop in November 2002. It's expected that the new Climax team is continuing work on the GBA game for a release in 2003.