November 8th, 2002

"Crawfish Brings Grand Theft Auto To Game Boy Advance"

UK developer Crawfish is working on a Grand Theft Auto title for Game Boy Advance. Persons close to the project have said it is well underway and should be released sometime in 2003. Grand Theft Auto 3 was originally in development by Destination Software in the US. After a long time of having no word on the title, the project seems to have been moved over to Crawfish Interactive. The company has worked on many GBA games including Street Fighter Alpha 3, Robot Wars, and Nascar Heat 2002.

Information on the status of GTA3 on GBA received earlier this week from a Destination Software spokesperson said: "The game has not been canned. We'll be making an announcement at the end of the week." As it is nearing the end of the week, no announcement has been made so far. Take-Two may be the one to publish the title, if distribution talks with Destination are cleared up. Neither Crawfish, Take-Two, or Destination are giving details but CVG believes GTA on GBA will not be a port of any previous game in the series. In other words, Grand Theft Auto by Crawfish could be an original game in the GTA series. Whether good or bad, the title may take place entirely apart from the world of the sensational GTA3.

Posted by Ethan Pearson, Founder, Director
Source: CVG