March 11th, 2003

"Grand Theft Auto 3 This Month!?"

Before we say anything else, be very cautious about thinking this game will ever get released. Grand Theft Auto 3 has disappeared and reappeared so many times, and has been worked on by several developers, any such listing seems bound to be false. Nevertheless, Nintendo has added Grand Theft Auto 3 to the list of upcoming titles for the Game Boy Advance. As rumored, Destination Software is the publisher. The one player adventure game has a release date of March 2003 according to this listing by Nintendo. As this page has just been added today, it is very strange, but not completely impossible. It's safest to assume that the title's release is TBA. We'll keep you up to date.

Posted by Ethan Pearson, Founder, Director
Source: Nintendo of America


Actually this game has *apparently* been VERY well recieved by the press that have had a chance to see it in motion. It has graphics that are 2d with 3d buildings in a top down perspective, and is generally thought to be graphically better than gta 1 & 2.

On another note, go to rockstars website to download FOR FREE the first GTA in full form!!



I actually liked GTA 1 & 2 for GameBoy Color. If this is as good as GTA 2 with better graphics, I might actually consider buying it.